About Us

BRB Financial Group is a part of a family of companies, owned by Blue Ridge Bankshares, Inc., our holding company. Our combined companies are your complete financial services provider. And when it comes to financial planning, we all have similar goals.

We want our savings and investments to grow and produce the income we need to get the most out of life. And we hope to preserve something for our our loved ones. But the tools needed to accomplish these goals vary from one individual to the next.

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

At BRB Financial Group, our years of experience helping people prosper, combined with our knowledge of investments, taxation, trusts, estate planning and settlement, give us the edge when it comes to providing the services best suited to your specific needs.

Happy Family

Meet Your Goals

Whether your goal is to build an estate or produce a steady, reliable income stream, we can help. Let our experienced professionals make the decisions. Our prudent, diversified management style provides superior long-term results. Always, of course, with your needs and objectives leading the way. 

You Can Do It

Call on BRB Financial Group and let us put our years of experience and expertise to work for you. We'll get to know you, develop realistic goals, and make sound, prudent decisions. Together.